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Experts from V4 group and other partner institutions

                     participating in the international project FarmersEduca

                                                 Arboretum and Institute of Physiography
                                                           in Bolestraszyce, Poland

                                           Mendel University in Brno, Faculty of Horticulture
                                                         in Lednice, Czech Republic

                                        Sarvas Association of Farmers “National Traditionalists”,
                                                                Sarvas, Hungary

                                           M.M.Gryshko National Botanical Garden of Ukraine

                                               National Academy of Sciences, Kyiv, Ukraine

                                         Association of Farmers and Private Landowners in the

                                                      Transcarpathian Region, Ukraine

                                                  Center of Organic Production, Selenca,
                                                              Republic of Serbia

                       Textbook presents the results of research and educational institutions and experts involved
                  in the international network AgroBioNet oriented for the realization of international research,
                 education and development program entitled "Agrobiodiversity for improving nutrition, health,
                and life quality" which solves the problems of preservation, assessment and use of traditional, less
                                        known, less-used and forgotten kinds of plants.

                        In this textbook are also presented results from the solution of research projects that has
                   been supported by the Operational Programme Research and Development of the European
                                                Regional Development Fund:
                 ITEBIO ITMS 26220220115 Support of technologies innovation for special bio-food products for
                                                  human healthy nutrition

                TRIVE ITMS 26110230085 Development of International Cooperation for Purpose of the Transfer
                          and Implementation of Research and Development in Educational Programs
                                  AgroBioTech ITMS 26220220180 Building Research Centre

                                                BioFood ITMS 26220220115

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